Fear keeps you holding back.
I learnt it the hard way.

Once I had an opportunity to work on the advertising for Crompton Greaves. We were required to do a corporate TVC. My agency had two senior creative directors; both however, were from the ‘arts’ background. Naturally, the gun was pointing in my direction. Until then I had watched other creative directors make TVCs from start to finish—I was simply a bystander and if required, would sometimes assist them. I was excited. I knew this was my real shot at glory. However, the visions of failure froze my balls off—creating a powerful TVC and presenting it to the chairman of a 4,000 crore company wasn’t a joke. It took a lot of courage to swallow the fear and move forward. I delivered the job. The pleasure to see the commercial running on TV channels was truly unbelievable.

The TVC was well accepted. The client was impressed. We bagged several print campaigns and two TVC within a span of six months. The rest of the work is displayed below. Hope you like it.