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Qualified Engineer.Professional Writer.
Avid Traveller. And, an Eternal Philosopher.

Had you met me 4 to 5 years back, you would have found an unwelcoming human specimen, which was unable to say a "hello" or greet you with a smile. Rather, it frowned from the bottom of its heart or simply ignored the alien presence. What a douche-bag I was back then? Permanently holed up in the anti-social world of Dostoyevsky's perpetual rant, Mark Russinovich's Sysinternals and Grigori Perelman's Poincaré Conjecture.

Not that it was bad or meaningless, but sadly inconclusive to the end I was after. I was unaware that my self-imposed seclusion was but ignorance. I thought people at large were inherently bad. They practised double standards and hypocrisy as if it were their religion. They were indignant, distrustful and irresponsible. They had no respect for women, children or poor. They saluted money and hurled themselves at the feet of rich and popular at the slightest hint of a chance. I desperately wanted to stay away from the muck. Remain pure, unharmed and unscathed. In retrospect, clearly a poor decision.

However, people change. And always in unexpected ways. I believe it requires a trigger: a certain event in your life. And what bigger than a marriage! I had no choice but to adapt. To begin with, I acquired some social skills. Not to mention, the ability to convince my wife that she is the most beautiful, caring and adorable woman on the earth.

Meeting people and having conversations was the top priority. I listened to every Tom, Dick and Harry I met with a great deal of enthusiasm and a smile on my face. Amidst the clamour and chaos, I was lucky to meet some extraordinary individuals. A few of them were forthcoming, kind and incredibly intelligent. One of them, now a dear friend, told a simple truth that remarkably changed my attitude towards life. I understood for the first time that I had dug myself a hole of unrealistic and unmanageable expectations. I wanted to be different, creative and extra-ordinary. But, I had turned myself into a reclusive and ill-tempered person. A pseudo - perfectionist, if there’s such a thing. He made me realize that being a genius and having a genius are two different things, that creativity isn't a personal quality, and I have to let go of the baggage I was carrying on my shoulders for so many precious years.

He said: “You can merely be a wire that conducts electricity. The more receptive you are, the better you conduct. Be the best wire you can and leave the rest to the electricity.”

The first thing I did was to pull out all the plugs of anxiety off me. I allowed myself to relax and enjoy every moment. Needless to say, it has changed my life significantly.

Nowadays, I let my imagination run amok like the 12-year-old curiously searching for interesting things around me. Also, I meet people from all walks of life whenever I can. As a result, I have ended up creating a wonderland of information and ideas. I call it IcoSphere. As you can imagine, IcoSphere is constantly expanding with all weird and interesting objects. A few of them have been displayed below. I hope you'll find them interesting. Click on the images below for the explanation of the ideas behind it.